Best Phone Holder for Off-Road Adventure Bikes

I’ve been using this custom cell phone holder mounted to the handlebars on my adventure bikes in all kinds of weather and terrain, and it’s held up perfectly. It’s the perfect phone holder because:

  • Phone can be inserted and removed easily with one hand.
  • Phone will never, ever fall out.
  • Charger is waterproof. No removeable cables.
  • Industry standard RAM mount.

Since I’m assembling a second one today, I thought I’d show you the simple parts and steps involved. Parts are about $55 USD… plus epoxy.

You might be able to use a different charging pad but it’s imperative that it be very thin. This one is advertised as being IP67 waterproof too.

Stuff you need to make an indescribable adventure bike  phone holder
  1. Insert your phone in the holder and determine the best place to align the charging pad. Remove your phone from the holder.
  2. Use a sandpaper scrap to scuff the RAM holder and the back of the charging pad.
  3. Attach the RAM ball to the RAM mount tightly.
  4. Loosely attach the four side stoppers to the RAM cradle.
  5. Insert your phone, position the side stoppers, remove your phone, tighten the side stoppers.
  6. Attach the charging pad to the holder with epoxy.

The black chargers were not available so I bought a white one and I’ll spray paint it. I wish the USB cable was a bit more durable but so far I haven’t had any problems with this setup at all.

This is a vast improvement over the RAM X-Grip holder.
Good luck!