Adventure Motorcycle Suspension

The suspension components on your adventure motorcycle play a very important part in maintaining the safety of you and your bike. The suspension’s primary objective is to keep the tires in contact with the ground as much as possible, and a well-tuned suspension will accomplish that.

As a motorcycle operator it’s important that you understand how your bike’s suspension works and how you can adjust it to accommodate different riding scenarios and bike configurations. Like a broken clock that’s still accurate once a day, a non-adjustable suspension might be perfect with just the right rider weight and road. However, a custom, durable, fully configurable suspension guarantees a motorcycle will maneuver optimally no matter the road conditions or onboard weight as long as it’s adjusted properly.

We’ve partnered with the suspension experts at BeemerShop and Touratech USA to bring you a playlist of comprehensive technical know-how and guidance that will help make your motorcycle adventures safer and more enjoyable.