Host Profile: Cassie Maier

Last summer when MOTOTREK contributor David Fox attended Dusty Wessels’ adventure motorcycle training event in Colorado he couldn’t believe his eyes. Petite off-road instructor Cassie Maier was deftly operating her BMW 1250GS with the ease and confidence most riders can only attain with much smaller bikes. Word got back to Tim at MOTOTREK HQ quickly and we’re super glad Cassie is excited to become a regular host!

Cassie Maier with her BMW R1250GS on set in Borrego Springs, CA
Cassie Maier with her BMW R1250GS on set in Borrego Springs, CA

Cassie grew up with motorcycles throughout her childhood. Although both her parents have ridden motorcycles since Cassie was young, however, she was more interested in sitting in her horses’ saddles than the saddle of a motorcycle. It wasn’t until she was 17 years old that she took an interest in motorcycles. One day, a bike came into her dad’s shop that caught her eye. After Cassie curiously spent many weeks just sitting on that bike, her parents finally decided to send her off to an MSF course.

For many years she rode pavement exclusively and then took a six-year riding hiatus after moving to Seattle. In 2016, Cassie quit her job, borrowed her mom’s bike, and rode around the U.S. for three and half months. At that point she decided motorcycling was her thing and began immersing herself in the industry.

While working for the BMW Motorrad demo truck as a lead rider, Cassie was surrounded by the culture of motorcycling. On behalf of the BMW MOA she was invited to go to the BMW U.S. Rider Academy for additional skills training, where she got her first true taste of off-road riding. She was honored to be offered the opportunity to become an instructor for the BMW U.S. Rider Academy. With zero hesitation, she immediately relocated from Seattle to North Carolina to be near the BMW Performance Center. When love (bigger than motorcycles) swept her off her feet, she moved to the Southwest, where she is now expanding her role in the motorcycle industry.

Sharing knowledge and experiences with others who want to increase their motorcycling skills drives Cassie to improve her own riding abilities. Being a strong rider, continually practicing her riding, and refining her instructor techniques are imperative to her personal success. Her love for this sport is contagious, and she wants to spread the joy.

When Cassie isn’t riding a motorcycle, she enjoys finding the best hiking trails, experiencing any new place, creating art, keeping her dog out of trouble, and being a stepmom to three fantastic kids

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