Bret Tkacs Exits MOTOTREK

Many viewers have noticed that Bret Tkacs has not been hosting recent MOTOTREK videos.

Just before Christmas 2019, Bret stopped by the Inventive Pictures production office in Olympia and told me he would no longer be available to film MOTOTREK videos.

Since 2018 Bret and I have had a few discussions about his time constraints and responsibilities outside of MOTOTREK, so although the news was disappointing his decision did not come as a total surprise. Shooting MOTOTREK videos has always been fun, but it is time consuming (each video can take the better part of a day to shoot) and Bret is a busy man. Bret is always welcome to return and host MOTOTREK videos down the road.

You can follow Bret and contact him directly at

As this channel moves forward into 2020 I hope you’ll join me in welcoming the fresh faces and personalities who will bring new adventure motorcycling insight and learning experiences to you. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned!

Tim Tyler, Producer