Garmin zūmo XT on a KTM 790 Adventure

There is an inexpensive, sturdy way to mount the Garmin zūmo XT on a KTM 790 Adventure.

I’ve been riding with the Garmin zūmo XT for almost a year now. It’s the best motorcycle GPS I’ve ever had. It does everything right. At first I was worried that the mounting method would not be secure enough to hold the GPS when riding on bumpy, challenging terrain, so I epoxied a lanyard to the XT as a backup.

Zumo XT lanyard

After thousands of road miles, hundreds of rough off-road and trail miles and a few off-road crashes the GPS has never come loose or disconnected from the Versys 650’s mount.

Last fall I switched from the Versys 650 to a KTM 790 Adventure and mounted the zūmo XT using RAM mounts.

Heavy bulky undesirable mounting method using RAM mounts.

This worked great but the added weight and offset made the GPS bounce around more than I liked.

Here’s how I’ve solved that problem:

Ball socket adapter, MotoMinded GPS mount and AMPS plate.

This configuration is sturdy and positions the XT perfectly above the 790’s TFT screen. It also weighs a lot less than the RAM attachments.

Garmin zūmo XT mounted on the KTM 790 Adventure